Villa Le Corti


In Italy, family history is important and the family behind Villa Le Corti, the Corsini Family have amazing history as this Estate has winery making roots that date back to the 13th century which makes it one of the oldest Estates in Tuscany. Current custodian of the Corsini Empire, Duccio Corsini, is 22nd generation and as expected, he speaks about his property with a calming confidence, passion and an engaging energy. Duccio took over the Estate during the 90’s and one of his early achievements was to implement the use of indigenous yeast within the winemaking to let the wines speak of the Estate. As the years progressed, organic farming with minimal intervention became an important factor and as of 2015, all of the Estate’s wines will be organically certified.

Out of the 9 communes in the Chianti Classico Zone, Villa Le Corti is located in the most northern section in the town of San Casciano, a 10 minute drive south of Florence. Up here, both the climate and soil are different than down south and in turn play a different role. Generally the temperature is slightly cooler around this commune, but Duccio also picks marginally earlier than most of the 8 other communes. The soil generally shows more river stones and sand resulting in lighter wines with more elegance and finesse than most of the other communes. As many of Duccio’s key sites sit in higher areas (250 – 310m), on a clear day, it is the only area within Chianti Classico that will get a glimpse of the sea. Apart from their traditional line-up of wines that have been produced for many years, they have also released a Gran Selezione which as a DOCG has only been approved since 2014.Walking around the winery with Duccio, you truly get a sense of how much history and pedigree there is here and how proud he is of what his family has achieved over the years.

Distribution Regions SA, WA
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