Vermouth Del Professore Vaniglia Antica Distelleria Quaglia


Production: A vermouth deriving from a 100% Freisa wine, this is produced in a slightly different way to the other Del Professore vermouths. Usually, the wine is infused with the selected herbs, spices and roots, left in alcohol for at least 1 month and then filtered. This vanilla vermouth is, on the other hand, treated differently. Several kilos of natural, Madagascan vanilla is cut by hand, mixed with wine and left to rest for at least 1 month. Then, sugar and an infusion of absinthe, gentian root, quassia wood and vanilla are added and the mixture is left for 6 months before bottling.

Tasting Note: This vermouth shows an immediate and intense garnet color. The nose is rich, full and complex, enhanced by warm notes of vanilla, which is accompanied by fresh citrus tones and enveloping rhubarb scents. The palate is balanced through a mouth-filling softness and elegant but kept fresh by a pleasant and prolonged bitterness.

Vintage / Variety Vermouth
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