Vermouth Del Professore Rosso Antica Distelleria Quaglia


Region: Piemonte, Italy

Tasting note: The Vermouth has a pleasing amber colour and an intriguing aroma of herbs, citrus and honey. As a Rosso, it is supposed to be sweet and that comes out on the palate but it is a softer sweetness, well balanced with acidity, savoury elements and a hint of bitterness. Some inexpensive Vermouths can be cloyingly sweet but that is not the case here. The savoury herbal notes will tantalize as some will seem familiar while others seem more exotic and less common. The subtle bitterness, especially on the lengthy finish, will be a satisfying ending to this compelling wine. It is smooth and medium bodied and can be drunk on its own or in a cocktail.

Production: The recipe and method for mixing the wine, alcohol and herbs and spices for this vermouth is highly intricate and complicated. The basis for the vermouth is a Moscato Bianco Langarolo wine to which a pure and meticulously refined alcohol is added along with about fifteen different aromatic and medicinal herbs gathered from alpine slopes surrounding Turin. The sugar added to the vermouth is minimally refined, natural cane sugar.

Alcohol(%): 18%

Vintage / Variety Vermouth
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