Quaglia Berto Vermouth Rosso da Travaj Antica Distelleria Quaglia


Region: Piemonte, Italy

Tasting note: Slow aging in steel gives the vermouth a surprising garnet colour, with an amber glint. The classic Italian vermouth sweet and bitter flavours appear on the nose and are elegantly supported by hints of vanilla and citrus. The finesse of this drink presents itself beautifully in an initial soft, alcoholic embrace on the palate, with flavours of mandarin, citrus peel, liquorice, white pepper and Christmas spices of cinnamon and nutmeg. Despite these warming, comforting flavours, the Berto Rosso is also fresh and zingy enough to work as an apertivo. The finish is long and fulfilling with a rich aftertaste of sweetness and bitterness in balance.

Production: The Vermouth Berto Rosso reaches a delicious harmony with prestigious Piedmont wines, aromatic herbs, exotic spices and an irresistible sweetness. All the ingredients along with a neutral grape spirit, are aged slowly in stainless steel tanks and come together to make a classic red vermouth.

Alcohol(%): 17%

Vintage / Variety Vermouth
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