Poderi Luigi Einaudi


In a country where politicians are (at best) objects of amusement, the high regard for Luigi Einaudi, the inaugural President of Italy’s First Republic after World War 2, is unusual and a mark of a man of vision and quality. The beautiful Einaudi property at Dogliani, south of Alba, remains with the family, as both HQ and a stylish guesthouse, but also the haven for a raft of classic Langhe wines. Along with this home property San Giacomo, the other two pillars of the admirable and durable wine business established by Sig. Luigi, are some 4 ha of prime cru vineyard in Barolo commune (Cannubi and Terlo), and a sizeable chunk of San Luigi, acknowledged as the premier parcel of Dogliani for Dolcetto.

Luigi Einaudi was still an Italian, and even though the job as Italy’s first President must have been quite demanding, legend had it that he was always on hand for vintage time – a story confirmed by the oldies even now. This was clearly his passion and it is reflected through to today. For every bottle produced there is a deliberate thought for each wine’s existence and an application of care and resources to its growing and making. While each of the reds start in controlled fermentations, the Barolos go on for macerations of up to 4 weeks and into larger oak for 2-3 years. Langhe Nebbiolo has just a year in wood, similarly for Dogliani (Dolcetto) Superiore, while the other Dolcetto and Barbera finish in steel for freshness and earlier drinkability. It remains to speculate which is the crown jewel of Einaudi’s wines; the structured, radiant and red fruits Barolo off their Cannubi, or the layered, fleshy and elegant Dogliani? Given the focus Dogliani gives to the Dolcetto grape, it is an interesting discussion…

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