Paolo Conterno


REGION: Monforte D’Alba, Piemonte

The younger, more image-conscious members of this Conterno family don’t take long to point out that their piece of the great ‘Ginestra’ cru abuts, immediately, another great, maybe the greatest, vineyard of Barolo, the famous ‘Cascina Francia’ of Giacomo Conterno. Where they meet marks the transition of Monforte d’Alba to Serralunga.

Although they are not the best known Conternos, they have been making wine here since 1886, but only in the last decade or so, have these wines been really consistently excellent. Now these are regarded as perfect examples of the ‘Ginestra’ cru; wines of lovely lush power, of blue and deep red fruits, florals and (very) persistent tannins. They combine density and elegance.

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