Monte Ronca


Monte Ronća produces three wines: Calvarina Soave is the lighter of the two, but still shows great definition with refreshing chiselled notes complemented with stone fruits and nuts. The Gardellino spends a little over 4 weeks’ rack drying before vinification, with some batonnage. Deeper in colour, Gardellino is a powerful expression of Garganega with almost dessert wine traits – honey, papaya, peach on the nose with continuing exotic fruits, citrus framed with a subtle spine of acid.

The final wine is their classic expression of the full extent of the appassimento technique. Like the two table wines, this is 100% Garganega, but with complete rack drying for generally 6 months, resulting in a world-class dessert wine. A perfect balance of incredible rich sweetness, balance with a wonderful line of acidity keeping it fresh and lively.

Distribution Regions SA, WA
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