Ministry of Clouds


Principals and Winemakers: Bernice Ong and Julian Forwood
Region: McLaren Vale / Clare Valley / Tasmania

Julian and Bernice are wine marketers, not makers. What they have learnt throughout their illustrious 30-year combined wine industry careers is the importance of over-delivering on quality. They chased the dream and came out victorious.

“Our dreams are without borders.”

They do not conform to one’s modest finances, or one’s previous history or experience, or the natural fashion of today, dreams have both reach and range. Our dreams take the renewed energy of two corporate refugees, sustained by the rich poetry of the sky, the stoic graft of those that planted, tended, and loved the land, the search of the transient yet beautiful, tied to place and people, but free.

Ministry of Clouds is the paradox of one entity made up of two opposites; loud and quiet, thoughtful and brash, of the East and the West, the methodical and the organic – yin to the yang. For us, it marks the relinquishing of past security and structure for the beguiling freedom, independence, and adventure in this, our own voice.

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