La Prova


Principals: Sam and Candice Scott
Winemaker: Sam Scott

Sam Scott will tell you the Adelaide Hills is his spiritual home; there would be few vineyards he hasn’t walked, or talked about with attentive growers. The label that bears his name is a focus upon the classic varieties that thrive in a cooler climate + a few newbies!

Sam would say ‘Italian varieties in Oz. Great growers and terroir, perfectly matched to the variety.’ What he may fail to mention is his soft hand and skill in creating wines of balance, texture and unfailing drinkability from native Italian varietals now growing in South Australia. It may have been the tannin that hooked Sam, but it’s definitely the wines that are hooking everybody else. A brilliant range of wines that are rapidly winning fans among critics, industry and most importantly consumers.

Sam’s wines are modern and non-conventional, they are our future. From his experiences at home and internationally, Sam has applied traditional and current winemaking and maybe some thinking from a little beyond, as well.

Distribution Regions SA, WA
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