Gin a la Monsieur Antica Distelleria Quaglia


Region: Piemonte, Italy

Tasting note: The result is unique and the Gin Monsieur is completely different to any other gin on the market, with intense notes of juniper and an incredible, highly spiced, aromatic profile with notes of cardamom, lavander, camomile and orange. There is a lovely natural sweetness present from the infusion of sweet spices like cinnamon and vanilla which give the gin a delicious softness and round mouthfeel.

Production: The Gin Monsieur uses a distillate of wild juniper from Umbria and Tuscany which is then mixed with a cold infusion of 12 other herbs and spices, citrus peel and a secret ingredient. After the infusion, the gin is filtered extremely delicately in order not to lose any of the intense aromas gained from natural infusion.

Alcohol(%): 44%

Vintage / Variety Gin
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