Giacomo Conterno


REGION: Monforte D’Alba / Serralunga, Piemonte

“…if I were given the choice of one bottle of Barolo before I die I would choose Monfortino” (Nicholas Belfrage)

If Giacomo Conterno isn’t Italy’s greatest producer, then they almost unarguably make Italy’s single greatest wine. The legendary Barolo ‘Monfortino’ is Italy’s DRC Richebourg…maybe Romanee Conti? Whatever, it’s a wine of equal magnitude and intricacies. Does this then, ‘relegate’ Conterno’s other Barolo ‘Cascina Francia’ to be their ‘La Tache’, merely the second greatest wine of Italy?

Despite the winery being situated in Monforte d’Alba, one thing stays the same, and that’s the use by Conterno, of grapes only from their own magical property ‘Cascina Francia’ in the commune of Serralunga.

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