Prosecco Brut Crede Bisol 1542


Organic Wine

“Crede” is a type of clay-laden soil with particular characteristics that greatly benefit the grapes.

Not suffering from aridity the grapes become notably enriched with noble acids, varietal aromas and fruitiness.

The Glera grape variety, together with Pinot Bianco and Verdiso endows freshness, elegance and versatility. A wine with great personality, ideal throughout the meal and particularly suited to receptions and cocktails.


Brilliant, straw yellow with green highlights.


Wildflowers, balanced intensity, fresh and elegant giving rise to the very pleasant fruitiness.


True to the bouquet in its fruity notes of apples and pears its balance is rounded off by its rich and fine taste.

Exposition of the vineyards: South, South-East

The height of the vineyard: 250 metres a.s.l. (820 .)

Training system: double arched cane

Grape harvesting period: late September

Alcohol content: 11,5 % by vol.

Sugar content: 7,5 grams per litre

Overall acidity: 5,7 grams per litre

Dry extract: 17,5 grams per litre

Serving: 8°C. (46° F) in a large crystal goblet

Vintage / Variety NV Prosecco
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