Bartolo Mascarello


REGION: La Morra, Barolo, Piemonte

“…but a few producers deserve special mention. Maria-Teresa Mascarello is one of the most improved winemakers in Piedmont. Over the last few years, her wines have been striking…” (Antonio Galloni Wine Advocate # 167)

Maria-Teresa Mascarello has really been making the wines here for over 15 years now. The Mascarello Barolo is almost unique in being their top wine and in being a blend of vineyards – indeed of communes. It’s a blend of four Mascarello vineyards, ‘Cannubi’, ‘Rue’ and ‘San Lorenzo’, more or less in the middle of Barolo and ‘Torriglione’, just into La Morra and this is so because “it makes the best wine” Bartolo used to say. “If I made a Cru it would only cost more” he would add, with only gentle sarcasm.

Distribution Regions SA, WA
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