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  • Vermouth del Professore is a homage to Jerry Thomas, the legendary 19th Century American Bartender considered to be the original mixologist and nicknamed ‘The Professor.’ A collaborative effort between Frederico Ricatto, Carlos Quaglia and The Jerry Thomas Project, Rome. This stuff is hard to find.
  • 2015 Barbera
  • 2012 Barolo
  • REGION: La Morra, Barolo, Piemonte “…but a few producers deserve special mention. Maria-Teresa Mascarello is one of the most improved winemakers in Piedmont. Over the last few years, her wines have been striking…” (Antonio Galloni Wine Advocate # 167) Maria-Teresa Mascarello has really been making the wines here for over 15 years now. The Mascarello Barolo is almost unique in […]
  • REGION: Neviglie, Piemonte Valter Bera represents the very best of small-scale Asti and Moscato d’Asti production in Piedmont. The family has grown grapes in the village of Neviglie for over a century, growing and selling grapes to other firms for many years. Valter joined the winery in 1979 after graduating from the Enological School of Alba and began bottling Moscato, […]
  • REGION: Neive, Piemonte The knowledge, passion and wisdom that Bruno Giacosa brings to his work as producer of fine wines are the fruit of the dedication of three generations of winemakers.That Bruno Giacosa is a perfectionist is obvious from the meticulousness with which he applies his craft. Bruno’s art encompasses passion and clear judgement but, above all, the utmost respect […]
  • 2016 Dolcetto
  • 2017 Cortese
  • 2018 Nebbiolo
  • REGION: Serralunga, Piemonte, Italy Giampaolo Pira with his trio of famous Serralunga crus – Marenca, Margheria and the great Vigna Rionda – has consistently produced wines which all observers agree, are classic and stylish Serralunga Barolos, combining elegance with tough and dark complexities “Giampaolo Pira may be quiet and soft spoken, but his wines speak volumes. From first-class vineyards in […]
  • 2017 Moscato
  • 2015 Nebbiolo

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