RUOK Day Ask the question, hear the answer

Every minute of every day somewhere in the world, somebody is hurting inside. We can see the effects of physical pain far more quickly than those of mental suffering.

It is your children, teenagers and adults across the board who need a little help or an ear from somebody who listens. Whether it be teasing, workplace harassment, cyber bullying, schoolyard bullying, abusive partners, friends, or family. The list is long and destructive, heartbreaking on every level.

I have personally experienced abuse and fought through. Just recently we lost a beautiful young lady from our Surf Lifesaving Club; she was a champion athlete with a heart of gold. I recall watching fondly as she played with my children on the beach, showing great care toward them. I also attended school camp recently and saw firsthand just how easily kids could be displaced and left to feel left out, unwanted or uncomfortable often without others realising this is happening, hey ‘kids can be kids’ very few mean any harm, they just don’t know any better.

Big or Small, I’m doing something about this, and we at Epicure are putting our feet forward to help prevent the next tragic loss.

Support us if you wish, it’s Ok if you don’t.
Most importantly we want you to ask RUOK?

Brett Trewartha
Founder and Owner
Epicure Sales & Marketing

#10years of #epicwine

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