I’m talking about Scott and La Prova

I’m talking about Scott and La Prova The Fresh Gear – Nuova Annata

It’s that time of year again, though honestly, we have that time twice a year nowadays when talking Sam Scott and La Prova. Around August/September we look forward to his annual release of Fiano, Pinot Grigio, Aglianico Rosato and Prosecco, the fresh gear, the new Vintage Nuova Annata

Sam being more akin to a kid in a candy shop when it comes to Italian Varietals has now almost succeeded in finding a grape of Italian heritage from every letter of the alphabet, which for the rest of us is bloody exciting!
James Halliday FIANO review

Being Sam’s number 6 ticket holder (behind Candice, Henrietta, Rossco and of course Mr. and Mrs. Scott.) I’m stoked every time I see another release from La Prova, not much of a trial series in my eyes; they are all pretty faultless, textural, ethereal, vibrant and varietal unless Sam didn’t want them that way.

So here we go, the latest small batch releases (some of which sold out in 1 week last year) are here
2015 La Prova Pinot Nero
2015 La Prova Nero D’Avola
2015 La Prova Montepulciano
2015 La Prova Primitivo (Newbie)
2015 La Prova Garganega

And while I am busy waxing Sam’s surfboard it would be nice to acknowledge a couple of his current release wines that are still available in small quantities. Like him, care for his opinion or not, James Halliday has looked at a wine or three over his time, and these two are in his recent scribblings.

I suspect that may be the highest score ever for a Pinot Grigio / Gris from Sir Jimmy Holliday, the wine did take the Trophy at the Adelaide Hills Wine Show too in 2015, so he’s not the only one who rates it.

What a lay-up, whack that on by the glass in your prestigious venue with a sub-note saying it’s a cracka, and it will deliver better margin than postmix. It’s like a love letter to the bank manager, but all wrapped up nicely in a bottle.

Brett Trewartha (BT)

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